Carnival Corporation owns Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland America

In 1989, Holland America became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnival Corp., which owns 8 other cruise line brands. These include the popular Carnival Cruise Lines.

Federal law requires cruise lines that embark or disembark passengers in the United States to report alleged incidents of certain crimes including sexual assault to the government.   The U.S. Coast Guard publishes a tally of alleged cases after they are no longer under investigation or pending prosecutions by authorities.

Between January 1, 2010 and September 30, 2014, Carnival Cruise Lines reported the highest number of alleged sexual assaults of any cruise line reporting data to the government. 27 out of 59 (46%) of the alleged sexual assaults during this period reportedly occurred on Carnival Cruise Lines voyages.

21 of the 27 alleged sexual assaults were reportedly committed by passengers, and the other six by crew members.